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Full Version: index.php help
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How to remove the index.php from my URL.

I want it to be just like on this site
the url is but when you try without index.php it redirects you back.
When i try that i get this

but its working with the index.php

I tryed all tricks from this site, even Labrocca's tip
"index.php is part of the breadcrumb mainly so editing global.php does the trick.

$navbits[0]['url'] = $mybb->settings['bburl']."/index.php";

Just remove the index.php part. Then in header template the logo might be linked with index.php so just make that ./ too.

Overall there isn't a need for editing your htaccess."

when i change to logo link in header template it redirects me to as it should but the setings in global.php change nothing.Sad
Wtf ? noone out there who can help?
I don't think you can remove the /index.php from the URL. It's the file you're accessing on the server from the domain's portion of it; it is supposed to be there :3 automatically goes to
(Apr 24, 2011, 11:17 PM)crazy4cs Wrote: [ -> ] automatically goes to

well look...
when i go to its not working
yess Ok thanks For You! Big GrinBig Grin


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Use cpanel to redirect to if its not doing automatically.