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Hello fellow MyBB Central users!
I've started my own forum not too long ago. Some of the topics which my site covers are:

- General discussion
- Gaming
- Market
- Programming
- Malware Analysis and related

We're always looking for new members to revolutionize the scene, and welcome everyone to join.

Click here to visit

Hello Envisi0n,

Your theme is pretty decent and the rest of the forum is great. There is just one thing I am going to point out.

There is a Affilitate category on the main-page, it gives a horrible impression and sort of screws up your page.

Nice theme customizations!

Quick question, why do you have the forums hidden for guests? I find that this can be off-putting, simply because users can't tell the activity level prior to registration.
Nice forum. Make it seeable to guests. Puts me off tbh.
nice ... extra forum