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Full Version: How to add this ?
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Hey guys,
I need some help regarding my MyBB forum.
How can I add this ?

[Image: ikMVHC.png]

Does this require additional plugin ? If so, can you link me to it ?
Hmmm you need to tell me is that in post or page or help documents?
When you enter the forum category Rules, it should be up there, and the treads below.
Can't capture it now, HF is down :S
Its not a plugin
Go to the forum you want and click the thing at the side and click edit forum.. Go down to Forum Rules and there you go.
Thanks bud'
Love ya <3
I got it working !
It's okay man <3 Sorry I didn't explain it very well I was on my phone Tongue

Eb0y <3
It was pretty simple. Though, I've never noticed that option before, lol.
Haha Big Grin Glad you got it sorted.