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Full Version: one more thing, - tabbed menu
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Here's the thing.
When you click on the tab it should automatically switch to another color, and mark it as selected. But on my forum, when you click on it everything stays the same as before. Just it displays what it should be displaying. So redirection to categories is working, just that other thing isn't.
Change the tabbed.css within the template. most probably the 3rd of 4th down.
Dunno bro..
I've tried so before I've asked. But I'm not good at CSS.
I've never changed a thing in that settings, well I did. But I retrieved it as it was before.
Will pm you the link to my forum so you can check it out.
Post your full CSS code in your tabbed.css and will take a look.
I got it to work.
I've just reinstalled the plugin.