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Full Version: Can't create topics
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I cannot create topics in:
Mybb 1.6x Series Topics

Anyone else had this problem?
You won't be able to create topics in Archives because they are closed to everybody.
I don't understand why i cannot post in the 1.6x series forum.
This topic has already been discussed but....
  • Labrocca uses " Mybb 1.6x Official Central Plugins and Hacks" section to release his own plugins.
    • "Requests and Suggestions" has been closed to new threads as I believe Labrocca doesnt want any more suggestions.
  • "Mybb 1.6x Theme and Template Releases" is open to anyone I believe
  • "MyBB 1.6x Member Release Plugins" is also open to everyone
So what about requests. It isn't just a suggestion section.
I do believe thats a section for requests to labrocca which I believe he also doesnt want.
Hi, i can't download, new reply or create a new thread in that category...
You need to suscribe to download attachments from MyBBCentral