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Full Version: Hide Until Thanks Bug
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i got a forum that's growing bigger and bigger and often people use to gift something so they use the hide until thanks plugin to hide it, but this plugin has the bug, that you can see the content just by klicking reply and look at the quote.

Is there any possibility to hide it there or any other plugin, that's not dealing with this bug?


Please can you link bother hide until thanks, and the thanks plugin please and ill take a look.

and I did not find any thanks plugin, but this should be an issue just for the "hide until thanks" plugin, because you can bypass it by simply pressing reply.

It would be helpful if the content in there would be encryptet or something like that.

Due to the age of the plugin your showing, im not surprised it doesnt work as it was made for 1.4, but the owner claims it works on 1.6 when really it doesnt.
I suggest updating to the bottom plugin.
Thank you / Like system:
Hide until Post:
If the user does not post and istead of that clicks thanks, can he also see the content?
I havent really explored the plugin, but I shall do now for you.

The HideUntilPost Plugin, shows this message when the user hasnt posted in a thread with [lock][/lock] tags around information.

When you quote you dont see the message -

When you reply, your message doesnt instantly appear which I dont like but after a refresh your information is revealed -


Personally, I think there should be a better plugin out there, I just havent found it yet.