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Full Version: ebelow Key pad for the iPad
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I did a bluetooth keyboard which i could use with my iPad. Used to do consider the Apple keyboard, it looked comfortable, but expensive. I wasn sure I needed to spend $70.00 on something that there was clearly a good chance We would spill something on or allow it to cook somewhere. Therefore i kept looking, I'd been to the Newegg site getting your hands on an HDMI splitter and i saw the ebelow Keyboard. It said it was iPad ready and yes it was white, additionally it involved $40 cheaper then this Apple keyboard. It is like the Apple wireless keyboard in that it doesn't hold the number keys on the side, question I never rely on them anyway I can't miss them. It lets you do come with an extra column on the right hand side that's function keys f14 thru f16, plus page up and page down, so it's slightly larger then an Apple keyboard. [Image: ipad-keyboard-dock-08.jpg] While connecting laptop keyboards on the iPad I did so should push the text button around the keypad twice , when it lost connection. However once it was connected we entered the quantity given I have not lost the connection since then. Laptop keyboards feels as though it turned out build beyond lego parts, another words slightly plasticly and cheap. The keys are similar to chiclets and they make a clicking sound while you type. The Apple keyboard feels far more substantial and better made. Should you prefer a keyboard that appears good and it's silent next, i would lean toward the Apple keyboard. You can definitely you merely desire a keyboard you could add a bag using your iPad and it works, but it surely you loose it no issue, then the ebelow KB333BM keyboard is ideal. It truly is available through various sites, including NewEgg where one can obtain it for $39.00


[Image: gift.jpg]
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