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Full Version: Help with Joinable Groups
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Hello Everyone.

I'm afraid I'm new to using MyBB and I have been struggling to determine if MyBB can do the following:-

I'd like my users to progress through a series of Publicly Joinable Groups. The progression is not based on things like number of posts or length of time being a member.

Prgression goes like this... Group 1 --> Group 2 --> Group 3

I don't want people in Group 1 to be able to attempt to join Group 3 before they have become a member of Group 2. At the moment all 3 groups are visible and joinable by all members.

Can someone tell me if this is possible and if so how to achieve this?

Users & groups > Group promotions
I may be missing something but to me Group Promotions looks like it only works for things like number of posts, reputation, length of time signed up etc. Which is not what i'm after.

I'm not looking to have an automatic transition to the next group, it needs to be when the user chooses to do it, but I need to ensure that the user can't see any of the other groups other than the immediate next group he can join and those he is already a member of.

e.g. Group 1 -> Group 2 -> Group 3 -> Group 4

User is in Group 2. He is aware of Group 1 and Group 2. He has an option to join Group 3 BUT Group 4 is not visible to him. He is unaware it exists until he joins Group 3.
I see, I don't think this is possible using the current mybb features