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Full Version: What stops the plugins from being leaked?
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Well it just looks so easy for the plugins to be leaked, which rises concern for me as I have personally been asked to leak these before, Of course I told them to fuck off.
The threat of Omni DMCAing your host.
If you put it in that sense, anyone can go buy a gun and shoot people in the streets.
The consequences stop citizens from doing that.

The scenario SuperFun had stated explains how/why.

You can follow labrocca's method: stated in CTF's post.
This was the system for so long, so many years, yet have you seen these plugins ANYWHERE? No.
1. Because all the members here are loyal and trustworthy(so far), somewhat like the early HF.
2. Nobody, and I mean nobody, fucks with omni.
Well as many people know you dont mess around with Omni he's a clever man with my things up his sleeve.
And if you do he can actually prosecute you.