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Full Version: Can someone change my username please?
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I checked the User CP but couldn't find a setting, so I guess I can't change it. Can anyone change it for me?
Wait I just realised I need to be upgraded. Can anyone get an upgrade? Or is there conditions?
There are conditions like the money must be yours etc, but otherwise your fine to upgrade.


(May 20, 2011, 12:06 PM)CyberTechForums Wrote: [ -> ]There are conditions like the money must be yours etc, but otherwise your fine to upgrade.

Cool, the money is mine so its fine Smile.
Quote:To download our plugins you must be a paid member. Currently our rate is $10 for a lifetime membership.

Your membership to Mybb Central is the best way to ensure that we will always be here for you to find awesome plugins and that we will continue to create new and innovative mybb plugins for your site. It's your support that drives this site to the next level.

Benefits of becoming a paid member include:
Instant access to all plugins
Over 15 exclusive themes
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20% of all income donated back to Mybb Project
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Ability to create custom usertitle
Ability to change username
Removal of Ads
Our undying gratitude
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MYPS: A comprehensive points system
Mybb Site Sig v2: Adds a dynamic site signature
MyIPN Paypal Subscriptions v2: Paypal integration subscriptions
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Google Analytics 2.0: Easy placement of code on all pages
Contact Form 3.0: Replaces mailto: link with a contact form
Easy Refer 2.0: Simple referral system integrated with Mybb
My Meta Tags 2.0 : Dynamic meta tags with editable settings
Profile Ban 2.0: Quick banning of members from profile page
My Proxy Killer: Blocks many web proxy visits
Ficons 2.0 : Adds forum icons to index display
Online24 v2.0: Shows online users the past 24 hours on index
Youtube Mycode: Adds youtube mycode tags for embedded video
Minimum Thread Titles 2.0: Additional setting for thread title character minimum
Minimum Posts Suite: Additional settings with minimal posts requirements
HTML Permissions: Gives HTML permissions based on usergroup or uid
TagCloud 2.0: A simple tag cloud
Tagpad 2.0: Fun tagpad for your members
My Side Boxes: Sideboxes with full admincp controls and settings
Prune Members 2.0: Delete members with zero posts or inactive
Topic Header: Adds an index header to display latest topics
Terms of Service: does not offer any warranty for the code it provides. There are no refunds. Any sharing of accounts or files will result in the removal of your access and the closing of your account. We reserve the right to ban accounts at any time for any reason.

I really want to thank the overall MyBB Community. While I know that some will be against the move for a paid subscription for downloads I feel the fee is extremely low. Given the amount of excellent plugins and themes available that are now exclusively available at Mybb Central I think you get a great bargain. Support is top notch here at Mybb Central. I am available to help in all types of situations. I will continue to release MYBB plugins and themes. Unless you are subscriber you will not have access to them.

Thank you,
Jesse LaBrocca

Yes. Anyone can get it.


And membership is also cheap, I will get it as soon as I complete my project Smile


Become a subscriber, Big Grin Brings many joys.