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Been modifying my forum postbit.

{$lang->postbit_posts} {$post['postnum']}<br />
{$lang->postbit_joined} {$post['userregdate']}
{$post['warninglevel']}<br />
System Specs: {system_specs}
My Awards:<!-- AWARDS -->

Where is all this stuff stored?
{system_specs} - it's a plugin
I think in all of the Language files that your copy of MyBB comes with by default. Try rummaging through those.
I've searched through the MySpec language file but i can't find what im looking for.

* MySpecs 1.0 English Lang File
* Copyright © 2009 Jesse Labrocca

$l['sysname'] = "System Name: ";
$l['case'] = "Case: ";
$l['mobo'] = "Motherboard: ";
$l['harddrive'] = "Hard Drive(s): ";
$l['optical'] = "Optical Drive(s): ";
$l['memory'] = "Memory: ";
$l['power'] = "Power Supply: ";
$l['cool'] = "Coolant: ";
$l['display'] = "Display: ";
$l['speed'] = "ISP & Download Speed: ";
$l['keyboard'] = "Keyboard: ";
$l['mouse'] = "Mouse: ";
$l['nic'] = "Network Card: ";
$l['gpu'] = "Graphics Card: ";
$l['cpu'] = "CPU: ";
$l['os'] = "Operating System: ";
$l['sound'] = "Sound: ";
$l['save'] = "Save System Specs";
$l['title'] = "System Specs";
$l['describe'] = "Please enter your system specifications.";
By stuff do you mean templates?
(May 20, 2011, 06:53 PM)CyberTechForums Wrote: [ -> ]By stuff do you mean templates?

IDK what the things in {} are called or where they are stored. I want to modify a few of them. Do you know where they are stored?
Why do you need to modify them? You're not exactly giving us enough information.
Do you need to modify the templates or what is held in the templates?
Say for the System Specs, do you need to change the what it looks, or do you need to change what your system specs are?

As for the language files, if you want to replace something just for your site, then you might aswell just delete the language variable and type in what you want in its place.
Otherwise your going to have to find the language file and change what the language variable relates to.
[Image: ss20110521215240.png] I want to modify the way it looks as it isn't right as you can see from the picture.
Ah. You don't need to edit the lang file. Just go to the template "Postbit_author_user" and add a "<br />" in between My awards:<!--AWARDS--> and {system_specs}
I also added MySpecs next to the computer because it looks a bit lonely on its own
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