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Full Version: [RELEASE] CyberTech Graphite Theme - v1.0
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Theme Name: CyberTech Graphite
Theme Author: BleepyEvans
Theme Website:
Theme Version: 1.0
Theme Description: A dark grey theme with optimized images.

  1. Upload contents of the Upload folder to your forum root.
  2. Click Import Theme from the Themes menu in the AdminCP
  3. Browse for the theme .xml file and press import.


I like it. Good job. You should try a different layout if you're going to make a new theme. I've noticed a lot of your themes look alike Tongue
Yep, these were my first themes I created.

Due to work I havent been able to create many "unique" themes
yess Ok Thank fro You!
why advertise your website by posting your download there. lol
If you'd read the thread then you would find put that I'm waiting for the theme to be approved by MyBB
Updated OP
Free download available
It'd be awesome if you made a theme like HF's but blue.
Sorry im not going to copy an already existant theme.
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