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Full Version: Minimum number of posts before Signatures are allowed?
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I'm using mybb 1.4.x I'd like to get my hands on an addon of some sort that will allow me to move members who have made a certain amount of posts into a 'can use signature' usergroup. Anyone who doesn't meet the requirements will not be able to use signatures.

Also, the reason my forum is 1.4.x is because I had basically abandoned the project, and now have time again to promote it. I noticed I'm getting a lot of spam members, people who sign up, activate email, then post a back link in there signature. I have 1000s of them, is there anyway to remove all of these guys by keyword? Maybe if their name has the word "bank" or "loan" in it, they will be deleted.

Thanks so much,
You can just install some anti spam like the fassim plugin etc. I advise updating to 1.6 though.

About the group thing, the feature you want to use is called group promotions, I'm not sure if its on 1.4 but i use it on 1.6

Thank you for the reply. I thought I was going to get a big ole goose egg for answers.

+rep for you!