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Full Version: All awards gone after deactivating myaward plugin! Need some solution! Thanks!
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Hello! I search every thread related to myawards to find find some solution but had no success..

My problem was that i have changed my theme.
Then the award is not showing up im my new theme.
I follow the trouble shooting guide but still the award wont show up in the post of every user so what i did was i DEACTIVE my award plugin then REACTIVATE it again hoping that awards will show up. But now BIGGER problems were been added. When i go to acp>> user groups>> myawards..
All of the award details i give to every users were gone. Sad
i checked also my url
and the images for all awards were gone but when i double check it in my ftp the images for awards was there and CHMOD it to 777.

I think the AWARD details i have given out to users were gone after deactivating myawards plugin then activating it again. I read from some thread in here that it should not be deactivated! nah! Sad

Is there way i can restore back the award details i have given out to every users?..


There's no way to restore the awards after deactivating the plugin. Sorry, man. :/
(Jun 01, 2011, 06:34 PM)Carolus Magnus Wrote: [ -> ]There's no way to restore the awards after deactivating the plugin. Sorry, man. :/

Yes bro, it was been an hour searching for fixed/solution but still no success! Sad

How about i was able to have backup of my previous .SQL?

In my phpmyadmin i have checked this two tables:

I think all the award details go here. Im not so sure.

Since i have backup of my previous sql.
I have created now a new database then uploading the previous backup .sql i have. Then i was thinking after successful upload of this .sql i will go to

in this newly created database and get all the details replacing it on my original database. Hopefully this will work fine. As i see no other solution left!
Try taking the two awards tables and injecting them into your current database. That might work.
I am so happy! all the details of the awards were been restored successfully! Smile
Now back to the main problem, the awards won't show up in the user posts but when you go to their usercp it shows 0 awards but when i click DETAILS the awards was there, it shows the award but not on their post!.

i did the troubleshooting too:
Quote:Troubleshooting Templates:
Here are the 2 template changes needed if they didn't take during install:

Template: postibit_author_user
Add After:
<br /><!-- AWARDS -->

Template: member_profile
Add After:

but the awards still wont show in the posts of user.

i was reading back again the whole main thread
i am done reading until pages 35 but still cannot find any solution.
I'll continue reading the whole thread until i find fixed.

but i will appreciate if anyone can point me out some solution. Thanks.
What theme are you using?
(Jun 01, 2011, 08:36 PM)Carolus Magnus Wrote: [ -> ]What theme are you using?

Customize theme i paid for.
Anyway i was able to find the solution:

Here is how i did it!.

"i have just created a new award details, then the people in which i have awarded before, i have placed them to receive this new award i have created, then it works. i can now see all the awards i have given to previous users. This is a lot of works, im currenlty updating it one by one! So much work but its ok!. Anyway when i go to usercp it only shows 1 award which i think the newly award created but when you click details the previous awards was there. But anyway it doesnt matter for now, as long as the rewards show now in postbit".

Thanks for your kindness reply. Well appreciated. take care.
You will find that Labrocca doesnt have an install function in any of his plugins which personally I think is rather bizzare. And instead just has all the install commands in the activate function.

So you will have the same problem with the tabbed menu for example, when you hit deactivate and reactivate, your tabs will no longer be there.

Im glad you've found a way round this problem for the awards plugin
Where can I download the myawards plugin from please??!!
1.4 archives. Just search around.

Also, please refrain from gravedigging posts like this... It's very annoying.