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Full Version: Regd Muslim Law - Divorce options
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Hi all,

I am married for 5 yrs (first time) and have one daughter aged 4. I am a Hindu and married a Muslim girl (earlier divorcee and have one child) out of my own wish. But after marriage I understood her hysterical behavior and now separated for more than a year.

The problem is my spouse is not ready to come back to me with the child nor is ready to sign papers for divorce. Spouse says that she would not ready to give divorce unless I give her Rs. 25Lacs.

Spouse's family though is understanding the situation but not interfering in the daughter's life... My parents is unaware of her earlier marriage. Hence even they are not involved.

I am suffering in her trap and not able to come out of it.

I am ready to face the expenses for my child but her demand cannot be met coz I am not that well off.

Kindly give your valuable suggestions to help me come out of her trap.


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