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Full Version: MyAwards Probelm.
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I'm having a problem on 1.6.

The awards are showing up in the members profile but not in the postbit. I checked the template and everything is there for it. Here is a screenshot:

[Image: errorno.png]
And your sure this user has an award?
Make sure:

[Image: 4de8242a35a62.png]
Quote:I checked the template and everything is there for it.

I said everything is in the template.
Link to forum please
On the AwArds page, there are no awards showing.
So either you've removed the awards of you just havent made any yet...
Regardless the postbit should still show Awards: 0. I just added an award to show you.
No, The Awards plugin does not show "Awards:" it just shows the award that user has.
Oh I see what I did thur.

I can't believe I forgot that. And the only reason that white bar is there is because I put the award thing above the Newpoints. Ah ok.

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