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Full Version: Common Tabbed Menu Problems and Solutions
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Gonna sticky this. Thanks.
The tabs work, but my issue is that it still goes to index.php# which brings the users back to the top of my board. How do I fix that ?
It might be a Javascript issue with your hosting.
another thing you might want to add...if people add a tab and dont have a forum assigned to it even if the forum does not exist it will make everything not work.
Thx BleepyEvans, i fix the problem for my forum. mybb 1.6.4
As previously mentioned, this thread helps a damn lot of people :-)
Still been meaning to update this.
Will add it to my long list of things to do Smile
I don't have forumbit_depth1_cat what/where is it?
in your forumbit template set.
If you dont, then your forum should look a mess.
Thanks for this! I needed to use the first solution.
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