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Full Version: Common Tabbed Menu Problems and Solutions
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Can't clearly understand this solution.
"Forums or Catergories with special permissions cannot be placed at the top of the tab. Example VIP Sections"

Edit: Got it working now.
If you have a upgrade only tab, you have to have a forum thats visible to all groups at the tab.
Otherwise it thinks that you have an empty tab when groups who cant view the forum.

What I do is have a "This is a upgrade only section" forum at the top and then have a link to my subcription page, in the description.
Okay thanks. I understand it now.
I've already assigned every category in each tab. But my junk forums is still floating in every tabs. We admins and staffs can see it. For normal members it's fine, it's just annoying. Any idea on how to fix this?
Can you create me an admin account so I can explore the problem?
Everything seems to be fine? I could only see the Junk catergory when i was admin, and it only appeared on the first tab.
Not sure though, but I can still see it here. I think it's just me. Thanks btw.
How do I change the Unselected Tab's color? I went into the tabbed_menu.php file and changed the color of the selected tab but the other ones remain dark blue... i can't find where that hex code is in order to change it...
tabbed.css in your themes properties panel.
Can you update the pictures on some of these?

[Image: JXAVkE.png]
It was already implemented, yet it doesn't work.
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