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Full Version: Common Tabbed Menu Problems and Solutions
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This helped alot man! Thanks!!Big Grin
i want use this tab plugin in my forums but its seems its have many problems Sad
Alot of the problems with Tabbed Menu have been resolved with the new update that has been released.
Hence why this thread doesnt need alot of upkeep any more.
Can anyone tell me the method to center the tabs from the middle outwards?
I've tried fiddling with the code but it wont work. Any pointers?
Change from: text-align:left;
to: text-align: center;
Can someone help me by guiding how can I embed google adsense (java script) in posts/threads. Thanks very much.
image has gone
Image is gone m8
There should be a feature to ORDER your tabs.
Very useful! Thanks for the help!
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