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[Image: logo_blackblue.png]

Just started this site, and now I want your opinions Smile
Thats amazing dude, 9/10 Big Grin
(Jun 08, 2011, 04:19 AM)xX-Jack-Xx Wrote: [ -> ]Thats amazing dude, 9/10 Big Grin

Thanks man Big Grin
Nav bar is really nice. Although i think the mouse over text colour should be the same for each menu.

For some reason I cant see the forum though, or have you set it so that we have to log in to see it?


Also, kinda off topic but what happened to elite silver. Another forum gone missing?
I'll fix the nav bar Wink
And the forum is in an iframe, are they blocked for you? I can work on a solution for that too.
Also, Elite Silver combined with Market Forums, thereafter Elite Silver was considered as Market Forums
and closed down.
Market forums has been asking for my database too.
I can see the forum but only the login bar
there is nothing on elite silver right now ..
Hate that the forum is in a frame... Makes forum navigation hard as hell.
Fixed it now, I had to modify the forum theme a lot lol
Much better now! Big Grin
Just now you dont have that amazing effect on the nav bar whilst in the forum.
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