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Full Version: Forum Adven Review
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Please reivew my forum and give contructive criticism only

Forums information is down the bottom of thread

Site Name: ForumAdvent
Site URL:
Description: Since we have moved off forumotion and merged two forums i will make this thread


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How Our We Unique??

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Our Statics!
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Forum Age= 3rd March 2011
Officaly Left Forumotion= 30 May 2011
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-- 04 Jun 2011, 10:28 --

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Looks really unprofessional without your own domain name.
Your forum need more graphics, the forum looks too basic and too similar to the themes default.
The Domain doesent matter to me atleast you can still get Access to the forum
@Bleepy how can i make the theme look more graphical
Thanks for your feedback!
I see your currently playing with your theme, so ill just let you carry on.
After subscribing here, try using the Ficons plugin to add a differnet icon for each catergory.
Let me know when you have finished with your theme changes.

The domain is a very important part of any website.
I suggest when you get a handfull of active members you upgrade.
Without your own domain, as I said before, people will think your forum is unprofessional. :I