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Full Version: IPLH (IP Log History) v1.0
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(Jun 23, 2011, 03:41 PM)Imtiax Wrote: [ -> ]OH SHITT!!!!! ITS A PLUGIN!! A REAL PLUGIN FOR 1.6 O_O.... Welcome back Omni Smile

So you know its not his first 1.6 plugin. Hes its his 3rd, so no reason for the celebration apart from the fact that its a new plugin Tongue
Thanks man. This is very helpful and i hope u keep relasing ur work more here.

This works awesome on HF.
this is very grate plugin......Omini is greate
Good plugin man.

Nice idea Smile
I saw this added to HF a few weeks ago. Glad you released it here. Smile
Very usefull plugin, thank you very much again!
Awesome plugin thank you very much.
Will try this out on my forum.
Thanks for the plugin Jesse. I use it on my forum and it works like a charm. I do hope to see you update your other plugins.
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