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Full Version: IPLH (IP Log History) v1.0
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This is awesome it helps me to track those hacked peoples Big Grin !
Thanks for this, will be great!
I think I'll use this plugin looks cool.
Awesome man. I'm a big fan of all your mods!
This is so clean and effective.
Added it successfully and everything is working fine.
This works really well for me, and I've been looking for something like this for months. Many thanks!
Very useful, thanks for uploading.
Perfect MyBB plugin for bannings users by IP address! Sometime people use proxy services which look like static IPs... is there any way around this to prevent these type of proxies from being used? Thanks for a great MyBB plugin!
Problem: I have two IPHL box under usercp instead of 1 and they both have same data.
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