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Full Version: IPLH (IP Log History) v1.0
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License is attached inside extras folder by using this software you agree to the terms of that license.

Plugin Name: IPLH (IP Log History)
Plugin Author: Jesse Labrocca
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 1.0
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.6x
Plugin Lang Compatible: No
Plugin File Edits: None
Plugin File Uploads: 1
Plugin Description: Will log all login IPs, has search in admincp, and member can view in usercp their last X logins with a new setting.


1. Upload the file from the zip to your plugins directory.

2. Login to your admincp and ACTIVATE the plugin (IPLH) in the plugin manager.

3. Check your admincp "Users & Groups" tab for "Login IP Search" in nav menu and the rest is explanatory.


Thank you.
Jesse Labrocca
Thanks for this plugin !
He'll be very usefull.
Thanks man i was just looking for something like this the other day Big Grin
Epic win!

Much needed thanks.
Here is a French version courtesy of a member.
More 1.6.x plugins! Yay <3
This is going to be a great help for my Staff members when looking into hacked accounts, scammers. Not going to allow it for members though, at least not now.
I have it so that if you make the setting 0 in admincp for "IPs for History" then it will not display in usercp.
Just so you know, the attachment has a sufix of Tongue
Not that it changes anything, im just someone who hates little things like that Tongue
This is great, I can expect more awesome 1.6 plugins coming round the way, thanks buddy.
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