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Full Version: Cyber4Hacks - Hacks for every game! Learn & Share
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Site Name: Cyber4Hacks
Site URL:
Description: When saying Cyber4Hacks it is actually "hacks", because it is not mainly for hacks it is more Gaming forum.
There is Gaming section where gamers enjoy sharing for their gaming experience.
You can also learn how to protect your computer from viruses.
Coding section where you can learn any type of coding from C/C#/C++ to PHP.
In the Graphics section you can request graphics or get your graphic to be rated and you can learn from the graphic tutorials there.
The Lounge is the place where our members enjoy posting anything that they think.

Please visit the site and join us!

Thank You!
[Image: logo.png]
Update! New theme, more content and more members! Join now Smile
Nice one! Tongue
That is a very nice looking site. I wish my theme was that good looking!
Looks exactly like another HF without HF's theme to me, but at least it looks like it's working for you to some degree Smile Some fairly decent activity per the 24 hour stats as well.