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Full Version: noob admin
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i just became an admin on a mybb forum and im currently trying to set everything up for my partner unfortunately i have no idea how to do this. right now im trying to install some plugins i feel would be helpful for the forum and i have no idea how to do this :/

if anyone could help me id really appreciate it
You need FTP access to be able to install plugins. Unless he gives you that info you won't be able to. Just recommend he installs it next time you talk to him if it's not that important Tongue
Well thing is hes busy so he said i can do everything and he would like me to do everything lol so i was supposed to do it. Another question FTP access is what
Like how you upload your forum software and such. You need to know this. :I
Oh my, looks like you need to research (google) ftp and setup for BB. I use MYBB on seven different sites and I just love it! It even helps me keep out the non-english speaking flamers who make 17 topics about the same medical prescriptions. You could also, for a nominal fee, outsource the setup at one of he outsourcing technical programming sites. Scriptlance comes to mind. Good luck!
Might have been an idea to start with a basic website, and how a webhosting works etc.

- FTP Client is a program which allows you to access your remote files on your computer. You can upload and download files on your server, so this includes images, files, webpages. (FileZilla)
- You will want to read, the mybb wiki, its not all required, but there is alot of key information about mybb and general uploading etc
Currently MyBB forums doesn't have a modification installer in the admin panel. It will be available in the upcoming version 2.0, but until then you need to have FTP access to the website.