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Full Version: SQL error when installing Ficons
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I am trying to install ficons, but unfortunately it tells me that MyBB has experienced an SQL error and can't continue.

Help please.
What is the error? We can't help without knowing that...
A screenshot would help.

Also, what version of MyBB are you running?
The error is " MyBB has experienced an SQL error and can't continue" .. screenshot is not needed, we have all seen it before.

Version 1.6.3
A screenshot would be helpful. Is there an error number? You forsrs need to post a screenie Tongue
There are potentially hundreds of different errors that are headed with "MyBB has experienced an SQL error and can't continue", nobody can do anything without knowing the actual SQL error.
Seriously guys -_- . It's the most generic error.

[Image: 5rptf1.png]
FIXED thanks to AJS from MyBB support
Oh my goodness! MattR actually posted? :O
You were using the wrong version if you had that error. Use the 1.4 version.
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