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Full Version: 1.6 Plugins?
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Where are the MyBB 1.6 plugins? I've seen 3, that's it.

Is there any more, or is that it?
Currently that's it. Jesse isn't that active with making plug ins anymore, sadly.
Brilliant. I think they should warn us before purchasing the subscription..
But you can still use some of 1.4 plug ins, like Tabbed Menu. Just a few changes and you're ready.
Cant believe how many people still ask this question after I make a very popular thread listing all the plugins that work with 1.6
I might just stop telling people what to do if they dont search the forum first.
Man, almost all 1.4 and many 1.2 plugins even works on 1.6, just check Bleepy's link.

And moreover, I guess Labrocca updated his 1.4 plugins, I saw that he himself changed compatibility. Wink