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Full Version: Custom requests
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I wonder if some user in the site would be interested in developing 2 custom plugins.

Costs and details can be discussed via PM with interested.
I'm pretty sure Labrocca makes custom plugins for around 40$-80$ USD. Shoot him a PM and see if he's still doing that.
ok, I will. I didn't dare to consider it because I thought he'd have too much work to fulfill the request
Sorry I'm not doing custom work right now. Sad
Ok, thanks Labrocca. Any body?
There are numerous places to find moderators, skilled programmers and the like who will work to fulfill just a small task or order of work. Of course you'll need to search and then research before your outlay any funds to anyone. I've kept busy just doing some graphic tweaking for some new ebay sellers who haven't quite got the touch. Good luck in your search. If I may mention a few: cybercoders, Scriptlance and many more!
Hope you find someone.