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Full Version: Mybb Forum Keeps Going down
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Someone keeps defacing my site, I removed almost all plugins, what should I do?
Make sure there isn't a shell on your site. Are you sure you're not infected?
Nope, how do I know If a shell is on my site... What I did a fresh install of mybb then use the old database? Does that sound good... I also removed all Files and crap..
Ask your host to check your server for you.
Fresh install of MyBB (1.6.3)
Only use plugins for reputable authors.
Multiple Virus Scans on all machines you've logged into ftp, admincp or hosting account.
Change all your passwords.

If you do that, and still get a problem then ask your host to clear out your server area and start affresh.
(Dont think it will get to that though)

Whats your forum topic?
The Niche Is about Technology and stuff,, yeah the "hacker", said it was in the theme itself(the exploit), could that be possible? By the way thanks for all your replies, I really appreciate people responding to me.