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a new intuitive site that focuses on providing you with the newest tech information as well as providing a warm and welcoming environment for discussion about all forms of tech.

We have launched two competitions this week, the first to become a member of staff on our forum, you can read about this here, our second one is for a RARE award that only 3 people will get on our forum, this you can read it about here – it's free and easy to do so!
This week also sees the launch of 3 exclusive groups for the elite of our forum, this is good news and I hope to see many people applying, you can get all the information on these groups here!

You can help us by join our forum, following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook! Please do keep all the following on Twitter though!

We currently have tutorials such as:
How to build your own WiFI dish!
Ohm's Law!
And calculus tutorials.

And so much more…

We also have a weekly magazine, you can read them here.

You will see a nice professional community that is ready to help you out in anything regarding techs, whether you want to buy a new phone, to just ask “how to build a circuit?”

So come on and join us…
We are waiting for you. Smile

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