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PC Talk Forums is a forum dedicated to mainly computers and web security discussion. We're an old forum, but we're getting a total make-over, we now offer Premium Upgrades to users that would like to donate to us and help us thrive.

Part of the total make-over is encouraging and motivating users to post more, so we've decided to host a posting contest, basically the user who post the most (there will be three winners) will receive prizes.

The prizes are:
1st place - $15 USD directly to their PayPal
2nd place - $5 USD directly to their PayPal
3rd place - Free lifetime premium upgrade

But in order to win, most of your posts have to be high quality. If we see that you're prone to making low quality posts you won't receive a prize. So if you would like to take part in this contest please register at our forums (the link has been left below) and post in the posting contest thread (link has been left below).

Posting Contest Thread
My forum - and I would like it reviewed. Anybody? Smile
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