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Full Version: Make content of bbcode only available for certain groups
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Can I do that only members with more than 10 posts for example can view the content of [code] tags? How?
This would require mass edits of your global.php file which wouldn't be very SEO friendly.
If there is no plugin that allows it, don't know if there is, then I'd suggest creating a new group, and group permissions which bumps the user to the group when they reach 10posts. And then find a content hide custom mycode plugin or raw mycode info.

All a but random, don't want to go into too much detail. But I think what your after is a way of protecting code from leechers then the above will do. And to fix existing codes, we can just remove the default code tag from the global.php file so the new hidden tags will work.

Note: there might be a easier way but the above is the only way I can think of