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Full Version: Tabbed menu = board statistics gone
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Board Statistics is currently only being displayed @ the first (home) page of the tab and not at the other tabs. This means you cannot see who is online if you are at tab 2, for example.

How to fix this?
And does anyone know how to change the tabs color?
need to add a div tag.

Please see:
Thanks for the answer. The problem is that I do not see board statistics when switching to another tab, all tabs are working fine and i can click them
Yes, the solution is above.
Where? I do not see it...
Quote:add </div> at the end in forumbit_depth1_cat
Can I have a link to your forum please, so i can check it out.
sent you a pm
Still think this is the div problem.
If you have tried adding a div tag then please PM me your messenger email address and ill sort it out on there.
Whenever I add the div thing the entire page fucks up.
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