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Full Version: Tabbed menù problem
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Hi, I have a problem with the tabbed menu:
I state that I have already read the various posts and tried the solution but without success. The problem is this, when I turn the various tabs in the tab if there is a category I display it empty, and I no longer displays the footer. You know you help me?
Add me to msn and we can check over it on TeamViewer
[email protected]
Same here Sad
If you got a problem with it, just add me to MSN or send me your msn address.
I dont have the time to ask to check everything on the forum, when it will take me less than 15 minutes just to fix it via TV.
sorry if I write in this old debate, but I still have the same problem. Following the directions I was able to fix it labrocca for the default theme, but in the theme used by me still does not work even with those changes, you can help me?
Sorry guys but there are hundreds if not thousands of the same thread which all have a solution so please have a quick search.
If you still have a problem then PM or IM me. [email protected]