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Full Version: Worth it?
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I'm sorry for posting here and I know you're all thinking 'yay, another one of these threads'. I was wondering if an upgrade on this site was worth it?

Sorry if it's in the wrong section but I thought since I needed 'help' this was the place to post it rather than offtopic.

Just want to know if it's still alive, do people post good content still and are plugins being produced ect.
I wouldn't just yet. The plugins being created for 1.6 are at an all time low - so don't expect to be able to download a lot (of course some of the 1.4 work with the latest MyBB version). But no, it's not very active.
Top MyBB Plugins Site. I wouldnt be here if I didnt think it was good.
The home of mybb core plugins like tabbed menu etc.
If you're looking for a place to hang out, no. If you want some of the best MyBB plugins ever made, and support, then yes.
I woulnt not
Many plugins from 1.4 haven't be converted to 1.6
and only 2 new plugins have been released

Labrocca have been quite disappeared and busy
The 1.4 plugins still work, and are non-exploitable.