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Full Version: P2Host - Free Hosting - Post to Host - CPanel - Up to 2gigabytes Space!
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How it works?
You earn "Jelly Beans" by posting on, this virtual currency can then be traded for the hosting. For exact rates look below.
Process of Ordering/Tracking
You must first earn the correct amount of Jelly Beans for your package and then subscribe to the package you desire to order. After you have subscribed to your desired package, you must then submit a topic in this forum with the template provided below. We will then create your hosting account with your TLD ( You must own your own domain). We will then track your account. At the end of your subscription ( Each last's one month ) you must renew your subscription to keep your account. We allow you two days after your subscription ends to renew your account before deletion. So, remember to earn those "Jelly Beans" and keep your subscription UP-TO-DATE.

New Post 1.45
New Thread 2.00
New Poll 2.25
Per Poll Vote 1.00
Per Reply 0.05
Per PM Sent 0.00
Per Rate 0.05
Per Visit 0.10
Per Referral 1.00

Space: 500mb
Bandwidth: 5 Gigabytes
FTP Accounts: 2
Email Accounts: 5
Max Email Lists: 2
Max Databases: 2
Max SubDomains: 2
Max Parked Domains: 0
Max Addon Domains: 0

Cost: 15 Jelly Beans a month

Space: 1 Gigabyte
Bandwidth: 15 Gigabytes
Max FTP Accounts: 5
Max Email Accounts: 10
Max Email Lists: 5
Max Databases: 4
Max Sub Domains: Unlimited
Max Parked Domains: 0
Max Addon Domains: 0

Cost: 35 Jelly Beans a month

Space: 2 Gigabytes
Bandwidth: 30 Gigabytes
Max FTP Accounts: Unlimited
Max Email Accounts: Unlimited
Max Email Lists: Unlimited
Max Databases: Unlimited
Max Sub Domains: Unlimited
Max Parked Domains: Unlimited
Max Addon Domains: Unlimited

Cost: 70 Jelly Beans a month

Whats not allowed?
Warez ( Nulled Scripts )
File Hosting
Image Hosting
Racially Discriminating Sites
CPU Intensive Scripts

We are a Post to Host so are hosting isn't free without a catch. As said above you must post in our forum to earn jelly beans.