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Full Version: i subscribed to premium and it didnt upgrade my acount?
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ok i just upgraded and so far it hasn't upgraded my acount like whats going on admin plz pm me so i can send u my transaction id and my paypal email so u can fix my membership
Takes up to 48 hours to get upgraded.
Please search the forums before posting
I have waited for atleast three days, still didn't got it...

Beställningsdatum: 25 jul 2011 04:05 GMT-07:00
Beställningsnr i Google: 150876802526444
Leveransstatus Antal Artikel Pris
Digital leverans 1 Mybb Central Membership - This is a lifetime subscription to USD 10,00
Skatt : USD 0,00
Summa: USD 10,00
Most of it's in swedish, but the important is that i paid 25th of july 2011 at 04:05 GMT-07:00, and i'm getting REALLY SICK OF WAITING, sorry for the rage, but i have had an bad evening, now when i read it only takes up to two days, it got even worse. All i wanted to do was download this... but i can't Sad!
PM Labrocca
Same here I just did
Same problem, been waiting for 2 days now (approximated). May there be that some way the payment didn't make it trough?