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Full Version: Black/Dark Smilie and Icons set
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Mybb icons and smilies use a white mat background. I have gone and corrected this by making a black background set using transparent gifs and #333333 as the mat color. It should work well for just about any dark background.

To install you only need to unzip the download, upload the images folder to your root directory (allow overwrites) and that's it. If you added custom smilies or icons this should not effect those. What this does is overwrite the default icons and smilies with dark background ones.

Good job, cheersSmile
awesome..thanks !
WOW great
Nice! Thanks
thank you
Thanks for all your work!
The one thing that can make a theme/board look bad are images that show jaggies' all around.
Thanks for taking the time to do these.
Thank you!
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