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Hackster is a forum geared towards general, graphics, and making money. Users can participate by joining user made groups and official groups. You'll also find our points system, in which users use their points to purchase "stickied" threads, "Secret" forum access, to change their names or userbars and sometimes use it to trade within themselves. VIP membership can be obtained by donating either $5 or more to the forum.

Staff positions: OPEN

- "Secret" forum tab
- NewPoints system
- Forum Affiliates Manager
- Advanced Forum Signatures
- Mobile friendly theme
- MyTabs
- MyAwards
- Private Thread
- Shoutbox

Currently, we have a contest going on. First 3 to get 200 posts on Hackster win money! (PayPal)

1st place: $15 PayPal
2nd place: VIP & $5 PayPal
3rd place: $5
MyTabs has an SQL exploit that will let users get the admin information. I'd say forget the prizes, and upgrade here to use Labrocca's plugin.
What theme did you use for your forum ?