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Full Version: Need the repfuck code.
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Alright, sorry to request here but I can't download the file as it just downloads as a 0 byte file. I was hoping someone could PM me the code or zip it in a ~500KB file (my internet is very bad so small files get corrupted/incorrectly downloaded).
I get a 0 byte file too bro so it's not your internet,
Hmm, I wonder what's up then.
I think it got removed.
So labrocca went in and replaced the file with a 0 byte file? Or did all the attachments get screwed (I had some 404's earlier) like I think they did? I kind of need this because I have no clue how to execute queries in a MyBB plugin anymore (I lost memory of developing in MyBB). I might ask my friend Jammerx2 for a little framework including some things related to it.