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Full Version: Problem with labroccas tabbed menu plugin
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Hello, im having a major issue atm with this plugin, ive installed it correctly but for some reason if your not a admin or moderator it displays every single thread on the index page.

Please help me this is very annoying.

Labrocca Wrote:For members the tabs work but for guests they do not.
If you have tabs with hidden fid's they cannot be the first sorted forum.

What does that mean you ask?

fid 1 (staff hidden)
fid 2 (member only)
fid 3
fid 4

You have 2 tabs...

Tab1 = fid 1, fid 3
Tab2 = fid 2, fid 4

Staff can see the tabs normally because they have access to all forums.

Member will have a problem because they can't see fid 1 and Tab1 has fid1 sorted first. To correct you alter the sort order of fid 1 to be last so that fid 3 is the first sorted.

Should be a similar fix to that.
Ive tried that and it still doesnt work, im so confused
Make sure the user has java script enabled, and all the forums must be associated with a tab. As for what Corolus posted, make sure the hidden forum on the tabs are not first.
I believe you may not have the </div> in the required template.