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Full Version: Club-Hack - A Club for Enthusiasts! - Need Staff!
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Club-Hack is a brand new forum related to hacking, discussing which is mainly a educational based forum.We are experienced people and you wont see the forum gone in 3months. Here at CH you can find free hacks by the coders of its community. There is also a VIP membership that costs $10 (lifetime).We also have fun lifestyle discussions,tutorials and many more. We as a new community are searching for new members that can come join Club-Hack and help build it's popularity.

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Club-Hack offers various discussions and sections for our members. Are we missing a section your interested in? or would like to suggest somthing? We got a suggestion forum for our members. We currently added small sections and over time we will more....once the community increases in activity.

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Here at Club-Hack we offer a VIP Membership which costs $10.00 USD and it's a lifetime subscription.You will get unlimited access to the forums premium (VIP) section and receive more benefits than normal members. You will also receive a member group image added and an award as a thank you for upgrading. All upgrade payments will be used in adding and keeping the forum up and running.

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If you would like to join the community or would like to visit it please click here We are also looking for staff,helpers etc..

Need Staff members!