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I am thinking of paying for a couple plugins for my MYBB theme. i have seen this plugin on a forum called , i was wondering if this site has it in their premium side?

A Bar which allows users to click a certain category like the preview below and opens up a forum category with some certain forums. :

[Image: pic1rw.png]

A donation system which allows users to donate and get promoted to a rank. Is this automatically or is an admin needed to change the rank of the user?:

[Image: pic2te.png]

Do these plugins exist on the premium side of the site?

Yes, the tab menu originated here. This is Omni's other site (Owner of hackforums), and the tab plugin can be found here. IPN is also available here.

You can checkout the plugins here.
Does the user get automatticaly updated once he goes through the payment method?
Orders for upgrades on HF are handled through they get the username and Labrocca manually upgrades the user.
Yes I believe it does. Also Carolus, he meant the plugin.
(Aug 15, 2011, 01:41 PM)Peter Wrote: [ -> ]Yes I believe it does. Also Carolus, he meant the plugin.

Thought he was asking about the way HF does it; my bad.