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Full Version: Guests Viewing Threads + Tabbed Menu
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Hello everyone,

I would like some help on this problem. I had to change my guest permissions so they can view threads titles but don't contact it's content. However, that kind of failed. I followed this guide:

So I had to enable that the private forum become visible. The problem is, I don't want guests to be able to view my private forums (VIP section). I have no idea what to do now.

But I experienced a even worse problem. Those that don't have access to the VIP-forums can see the first category on every tab (Tabbed Menu). That's not quite comfortable I must say. So what do I do now? I took a look at the sticky/troubleshooting about Tabbed Menu but couldn't really find a solution for this.

Thanks in advance
Contact me if you still need help resolving the issue. From what i read you need to set the permissions in that specific forum. Say VIP. Registered cannot see/read post/download attachments etc.