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Full Version: User Registration Help
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First time Mybb user and post for help.

I am running Mybb V1.6.4 I have created the forum but I am having problems with activating users and I need help please.

I am NOT receiving any activation notices via email. I am able to manually activate users after which they can then access the site but there is NO User notification or notification to me (admin) via email to tell me or the User its done. When you register as a User, it says to look for an email notification but none never comes. After I (admin) approves the request they can log in but this is worthless as the User is still awaiting a notification email.

I'm hoping I've missed something simple and you can help me correct this problem.

Here's where I'm doing the configuration;

.../configuration/Users registration and profile options
Under this configuration menu there are four (4) options;

- Instant Activation
I assume this is immediate, no additional setps to activation

- Send Email Verification (This is what I want)
I thought if selected, this would send me (admin) a notification there is a request pending and once I approve it, it would send an authorization email to the user.

- Send Random Password
I don't want this.

- Admin Activation
I thought this requires me (admin) to approve the request but it does'nt send anything to the User telling them their approved.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Grumpy (not really)
Actually, the "Send Email Activation" option send an activation link to the user's email (not Yours). Once they click the link, they are activated.
Hello x-Treme.. I expected both but neither are happening. The users are not getting an email nor am I as the admin to tell me someone has registered. After I authorize it (the request shows under admin) the User can get into the site but without getting an email to tell them it's done or what to do it's trouble.

I have friends setting up accounts and I have a few I'm using for test as well trying to validate each option and to initiate email responses to no avail.

Any thoughts on why no emails are being initiated?

??? HELP!

Thank you.. Grumpy