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Full Version: [Resolved] Online 24hrs Template Edit! [Resolved]
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Hello again. Ive made some edits to the template for the online 24hrs plugin. What i did was add an image to the left side of the plugin. I got it placed fine and it looks good. What i am stuck on is trying to get the plugin to show the actual count of the the members who have visited within the last 24hrs. I analyzed the codes and found the variables. But they are not working or showing the text (x users active in the past 24hrs.) Thanks in advanced. Smile
Are you applying the edits to MyBBFreaks?
If so then I see this, which looks perfectly fine.

[Image: 30bf24fd15264e4f8380149.png]
Yes bro but normally above the members there is a total count of memeber's online in the past 24hrs. Which looks like this: There was x users active in the past 24hrs.
Then we are both missing something
[Image: fe54a43bcc3c4d10a9fcbf1.png]

Ive seen other plugins show the complete number of visitors but not this one.
Lol come to think about it. Maybe its just me and i was imaging things. Would be nice to have a total. Smile
Shouldnt be too hard to sum the Members, Guests, Bots and Invisibles and stick it into the top.
Im just not too sure how and if its possible to sum varibles.
Im bored ill take a look.
Thanks for looking into it Bleepy Smile Help Jessie!!! Im sure you know the answer. :p
Almost there, just got to figure out how to put the value in the tcat.
[Image: 269e661d9e4c409ab9c6c39.png]
Let me know if you want any of the words changing because it is a bit long if your wanting proper English.
Yes you figured it out. That way will be fine. I can edit it later. Thanks dude.