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Full Version: Got Bored - New logo
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Got bored making my own so decided to update the current MyBB Central logo.

[Image: 9cSQI.jpg]

If your not a fan of rounded fonts.
[Image: gsbZ7.jpg]

Thoughts please?
Try and use another font. Lets see the different possibility's. Smile
I was going to go with a distorted font like the current logo, but theres limited effects you can use without it quickly looks shoddy.

Added a more square font if your not a fan of the roundedness. Effects are the same obviously, not wanting to make it too effects heavy.
Just try different ones then distorted unless is another style or distortion.
I don't like either honestly.
Second one looks better.
Good Idea. Here is my work.

[Image: hdXbf.png]
Also, OP use this version, Your version has LQ pixels n stuff behind the text... Unless if it's your text that has bad quality on the edges..