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Full Version: Bottom bar menu?
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hello. i want to make a new link on the bottom bar menu and make content in the link and anyone tell me how to make a new link on the bottom bar menu and put content in it that would be very helpfulSmile

like for example:
[Image: 0de42dd809c91692f7c2c94363b5f6df.png]
and i need content in the link to Smile
The edits can be found in the footer template.

Look for something like this:

<span class="smalltext"><a href="{$mybb->settings['contactlink']}">{$lang->bottomlinks_contactus}</a>

Now replace "{$mybb->settings['contactlink']}" with your link to content and "{$lang->bottomlinks_contactus}" to your contents name.

<span class="smalltext"><a href="Content Link Here">Content Title</a>

You will now need to add the code to the end or the desired area within the bottom menu <div>.

Hope this helps you Smile