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Full Version: Hack forum plugins?
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Hey labrocca are you planning on releasing the plugin where members with neg reps can't post in a certain area of a forum? Thanks Smile
he has that? i never noticed O_O then again i just got -1 rep so i guess i;ll find out soon :\ lol
this plug in sounds intersting, i hope labrocca can release it soon Smile
I asked him, he said no. xerotic released something like this though.
This would be a good release, by the way I purchased the premium on this website in order to install the tabbed group plugin although it's not compatible with my website. My site is 1.6.4, the plugin is 1.4x. That's pretty unfortunate considering I spent money only to get that.

Is there any other good plugins?

Otherwise yes, this would be a good release.
Perfect just what I needed^ thanks